Even non-Catholics are talking about CST,
since Paul Ryan became a VP candidate.

Last spring, about the time I conceived this reading project, I noticed that references to Catholic Social Teaching (CST) were cropping up in lots of news stories and opinion pieces in print and around the web, with a frequency I had never noticed before. In the last six months or so, such references have become much more frequent, probably because of the growing encroachment of government on religious rights, the presidential election campaign, and the choice of a conscientious Catholic as the Republican vice presidential candidate — Catholics are beginning to consider more urgently than ever before the way and extent to which the Catholic Faith can and should help us act as responsible citizens and even non-Catholics are talking about subsidiarity and solidarity these days. I’m willing to bet that this phenomenon does not evaporate once the currently raging political battles have been decided.

I’ll be posting here, from time to time, news stories and opinion pieces that deal with the interface between CST and current events or situations. Please feel free to let me know about any you run across that may be of interest to readers of this blog.